this is grunkle stan

Dipper Pines:
D'ipper's life was normal.He played video games and didn't like his twin sister

this is dipper pines

mabel.Then his parents shipped them off to a town called gravity falls oregon.They had to stay with their fraud of a great uncle stan, Grunkle Stan in his tourist trap,the mystery shack.He was always suspicious until he found a journal by an explorer that changed the game.He battled gnomes,ghosts,and more!
Mabel pines: mabel is the sparkly ,fun loving ,free spirited girl of the mystery shack. mabel is dipper's 12 year old twin sister.she is thankful for the sparkly things in life.gideon

this is mabel pines


soos:soos is the lovable man boy of the mystery shack. other than dipper and mabel, he is the only one who believes in the dark side of gravity falls.

grunkle stan: stan is fat, lazy,and a con artist.he is the owner of the mystery shack.


this is soos